Autobrite Exterior starter bundle/ Detailing starter kit mega deal

Autobrite Exterior starter bundle/ Detailing starter kit mega deal

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  • Cherry Glaze will clean, polish, restore and protect your paint

  • Leaves an outstanding finish

  • Use on all metal surfaces inc chrome, alloy and brass

  • Leaves no chalky residue and no mess

  • A excellent all in one polish/restorer that will outshine other polish products

 The Reaper drying towel

      60 x 60 size towel

  • Super plush, super soft

  • 1000GSM towel quality

  • Absorbs water like Hell

  • Thick and fluffy pile


  • Banana gloss shampoo

  •       Actively helps to maintain protective wax layers

  • Luxurious foaming action & Increases Lubricity

  • 500-1 Concentration dilution

  • Minimises the risk of inflicting fine scratches

  • Wont degrade exsisting wax layer protection

Citrus wash

  • Superb cleaning action

  • Powerful yet gentle

  • Very economical

  • Safe to use on all surfaces inc paint, plastic, rubber and metal

  • Citrus fragrance and pleasant to use

Great exterior starter kit so includes
500ml cherry glaze polish
500ml citrus pre wash
500ml banana shampoo
Drying towel the reaper
Wash Mitt