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Autobrite Supersonic Si02 Coating 250ml

Autobrite Supersonic Si02 Coating 250ml

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SuperSonic is a water based, cross-linking, Si02 rich nano-hybrid sealant that protects against UV, bird lime, heat and oxidation, lasting 12 months when correctly applied.

The Nano Hybrid film bonds to the paintwork giving amazing hydrophobicity & protecting against surface contamination. SuperSonic is incredibly fast to apply; just spray, spead, and buff – it’s that simple. Once applied, SuperSonic will continue to bond and cure for approximately 3 weeks. Apply and admire the durable, stunning gloss, the sublime water behaviour and the excellent self cleaning properties of SuperSonic.

SuperSonic can also be layered for optimum hydrophobic and protective qualities, and topped up periodically with Super Sonic QD for added gloss and an extended lifespan.

250ML bottle with trigger