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Autosmart Snow Foam Pro - 5 Litres

Autosmart Snow Foam Pro - 5 Litres

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Snowfoam Pro features next generation micro foam technology which can be applied using any domestic or professional pressure washer with a foam attachment or a foam gun. Snowfoam Pros small bubble size means more contact with the vehicle and a more dense blanket of soft white foam to lift dirt and debris from the vehicle surface.

  • Citrus infused cleaning action softens and removes dirt and surface contaminants
  • Stable, high cling formulation maximises contact time with dirt and debris
  • Can be used as a pre-wash for heavily soiled vehicles or as a foam shampoo on lightly soiled or pre-washed vehicles
  • pH balanced formulation will not remove wax or harm paint protection systems. Suitable for use with Ceramic coatings and conventional paint protection systems

Silicone Free